Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trout, Trees, and Ice In The Guides.

A small stream can only be considered "small" if you end up catching more trees than trout. This type of classification becomes more difficult to achieve when you are catching trout left and right. However, I still believe Adam and I met this standard yesterday on one of the more productive winter outings in memory. We did not count how many trout we caught but if we had, I think we would have lost count.

Gearing Up.

It Was Cold.

Stones Are On The Menu.

Small rainbows and browns were the ticket of the day with the occasional "trophy" of 10 inches. We also witnessed the "behemoth" of the stream as we spooked probably a 14-16 inch brown trout in a section Adam prefers to call the chutes. The fish were all in great condition, especially the brown trout. Absent however, were the brook trout that are most likely gone from this stream as they have been overrun by the browns and bows.

"Trophy" Brown

BH Gold Ribbed Tan Caddis Pupa.

Compare the Colors Above and Below Water.

And Release...

The "spot" is always generous to us but it does not come easily. You still have to work for what you get and this was no exception. With the water nice and high from a decent snow fall, the currents were raging and achieving a dead drift with the limited positions available to us proved to be quite tricky. Adding to this dilemma was the ice that seemed to never stop forming on our guides, lines, and reels.

Young Lateral Line.

Gotta Love the Spots on These Browns.


I Don't Know Which Looks Better.

These were minor problems when faced with the real challenge of the stream, casting. The typical scenario requires a presentation under an overhanging alder, but over an overgrown thorn bush on the backcast, while being sure not spook the trout. In extremely tight spots, casting is not achievable so you perform a slingshot cast and pray for the best. Roll casting can be a succuss in limited situations but more often than not the height needed isn't there. Sidearm casting under all the branches is my prefered method of choice.

Be Careful When You Set The Hook.

Or Attempt To Cast Here.

The Reward For All The Hardwork.

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