Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shenandoah Day 1

Shenandoah National Park, situated within the heartland of Virginia is a special place. Miles and miles of beautiful and rugged terrain have been set aside to be used for public recreation. In our case, it happens to contain hundreds of small streams chock full of the prettiest brook trout you may ever lay eyes on. Arriving slightly around 2 o'clock my brother and I set off down White Oak Canyon Trail to catch some brookies in an incredibly beautiful setting.

An 80 Footer Looms in the Distance.

At the Base.

Finding A Trophy.

After a two mile hike down the mountain, we finally strung up our 4 piece small stream rods at a small pool between two 50+ foot waterfalls. Our first two casts produced two nice brookies in the 7-10" range. Quite large for such a small stream. From there we continued downstream for several hours getting farther away from our car at the summit. Each time we felt like heading back, we decided on seeing what was around the next bend or down the steep incline. Usually we found another huge waterfall that showed some promising holding water.

Streams Are Rich.

Getting Into Position.

What It's All About.

Another Nice Set of Falls.

Made The 4 Mile Hike Out Just In Time.

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