Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hard Times.

With the move down south to Delaware, I find myself having to adjust to an entirely different watershed. For someone used to fly fishing in Pennsylvania, this adjustment has been a little harsh. I left PA, addicted to carp and have spent the majority of my free time in DE searching for the golden ghost. My efforts have been futile. I found one waterway that is ideal to sight fish for carp on the fly. The 20 other waterways I drove to (long distances) yielded unsuitable conditions and a host of other problems...

No Trespassing
Private Property
Private Club
Private Water: Residents Only
No Fishing.

Found Everywhere I've Gone.

Usually A Good Sign For Carp.

Looking for waters, I have been using google earth, which is probably not the best way to go about finding areas open to fishing. The best spot I found, looked ideal from several thousand feet. There were parking lots, expansive lakes, small ponds, and to top it off they looked relatively shallow. When I drove over an hour to reach this destination, I was extremely excited. Arriving, I discovered that it was the headquarters for the Delaware Fish & Game. I thought I scored big time. However, I soon found out that all the water I was looking at was closed to fishing. Educational Purposes Only. I scouted out some other water before returning home dejected. 

My latest excursion had me heading north into Philadelphia. I googled places to feed ducks, hoping to find some old park pond where carp grew large off of scraps from little kids feeding ducks. My journey brought me to Roosevelt Park next to Lincoln Financial Field. Once again, from a thousand feet on google maps, the water looked pristine. When I arrived, it was anything but. I should have known because had read a review online detailing the park: 

Actual Review: Stinks. Literally, it stinks. Bleh! Dirty, ugly. Scary people. Stay away. You've been warned.

The Birds Practice Across The Street.

The Fans Use The Park Before & After Games.

When I arrived, I found another fisherman wading in what can only be described as a cesspool. He was throwing a top-water lure onto a layer of filth. As he retrieved it, the lure bounced off a variety of debri. Instead of lily pads, he dodged beer bottles; Yuengling, Coors, Heineken, Miller, etc. Not to mention, beach balls, shoes, styrofoam, diapers, and the works. I decided to rig up and scan the shoreline but I could never see passed that top layer of filth. I walked around the park before heading back home. It was well worth the hour drive. 

Pinball Fishing.

The Fans Treat The Park Well.

Park Museum, I Wonder If They Have Loop Gear?

The only carp I've caught since I started teaching was the largest I've caught in Delaware. He was only around 6-8 pounds though. I caught him after school one day. It took my mind off things for awhile and I was finally satisfied. 

Weeds Add Pounds.

Failing, Going For The Scoop.

Bringing Him In.

Satisfaction At Last.

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Anonymous said...

half of the fun is the adventure scouting, though it can be frustrating at times. go get 'em .