Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall in New York.

The pull off just ahead, my head was still spinning from what we had just witnessed only an hour ago. With the water level on a popular tailwater dropping rapidly, dozens of anglers resorted to some of the most brutal and shocking fishing tactics I had ever witnessed. Appalled, we left to find greener pastures on the other side. The other side consisted of a steep decent into another world that seemed far away from the circus earlier. Approaching the stream a calm suddenly came upon me. I was in familiar territory. A small stream flowing through a wooded ravine transported me to my home water back in Pennsylvania. I looked up stream and saw a slate cliff leading to the water. The reflection of the fall foliage on the water created a mirage of oranges, yellows, and browns. No one was in sight. We had it all to ourselves.

A Great Lakes Stream=Slate Cliffs.

Eye Popping Fall Colors.

Adam Fishing The Bend.

The Poor Salmon.

The Mighty Brown.

Approaching the first few holes, the large lake run brown trout could be seen gliding in and out of current seems. Their colors closely resembling the scenery surrounding them. Some so orange and bright, there was no possible way for them to hide. The small water created some interesting scenarios sight fishing to these brutes. They all seemed to have lock jaw as every pattern in the box was put to the test. When a few did come to the back of Adam's net their colors were even more spectacular. Their hook jaws and large teeth menacing. These were survivors and it was an honor to behold their power.

Bucket-mouth Brown.

Blurry Goodness.

An Even Smaller Tributary.

Brown in the Fog.

Adam's Fall Bounty.

Fall in New York.

I Want To Bite Your Face.


Chris Michels said...

Very awesome. I'm jealous!

FoulHooked said...

Take me.

Phil said...

Those Browns are Amazing! nice fall color shots too.


Matt said...