Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Cats.

Part Two

A brutal week of school work and a phone call later lead to a weekend trip to NY to do some brown trout fishing. I spent the rest of my week at school tying flies and filled a new box full of gorgeous patterns. I was still overly excited from our last trip to the oak, catching the two largest browns of my life. In the hours before we left I cranked out some more egg patterns and waited to embark.
After driving for a few hours I relieved Mark of his duties at the wheel and drove the rest of the way up, at this point being the way I am (giddy as shit) I’d been awake for 24hrs. Approaching the final turn of the journey a huge black cat ran across the road in front of me. I laughed it off and said to Mark “I’ll just pretend that didn’t happen…”
We cracked Red Bull’s as we geared up and hit the stream. We got prime spots among the ones left and began to fish. My first cast hit the water and my indicator instantly jumped, something was wrong…a foul hook…what a way to start off. Minutes later I heard Mark, “Get the Net”…I landed his first fish as the sun came up behind me.
I went back to work, and by this I mean netting Mark’s second, third, fourth, and fifth brown of the morning. I would net one of his fish, clip the net to my back, walk back to my spot and before I had the chance to strip off any line what so ever…I was walking back down to Mark to net another fish. This scenario went on for the rest of the day. I must have netted 20+ fish for him.
I tried every fly pattern in my box, or you could say the ones I had left. I lost so many flies in stupid places it wasn’t even funny. Despite the day I was having I was not angry like I usually would be in this situation, there are times when you just need to accept defeat. I was happy for Mark, who was raping Oak for everything it was worth, haha. He put on quite the display, and I must say my skills at netting fish improved greatly that day…I was a one scoop wonder.
Later in the afternoon, I guess mark felt bad for me and let me use his new toy. His switch rod was so fun to use it made my day just casting it. Effortless distance casting and super long drifts…it was a welcome change from single hand casting. As the day came to a close, Mark landed a few more and we headed out.
Too Many Sleepless/Fishless Hours...

Later that night I got my laptop out to write a research proposal and realized that I had left the power cord at was just one of those days. I resorted to tying flies in the front seat of the truck. Around 2am, just finishing up a sweet little egg pattern I glanced out the window to my right and seen a black cat walking towards the truck. At this point I remembered what had happened this morning and was really weird’ed out. The cat walked within 40 feet of truck and sat down and stared at me, then proceeded to come 10 feet closer and sit to watch me. After a few minutes it had disappeared back into the night.

After our second day of fishing we drove back at home. From there I drove immediately back to school. Turning onto the road of my apartment I seen a pair of glowing yellow green eyes in the bushes…as I passed, I looked over to see a black cat staring back at me…