Friday, January 22, 2010

A Toothy Tug

The switch rod cult…I never had a chance. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, it just flat-out ran me over. (long story)

My choice, Beulah’s 7/8. I had fished the rod single-handed for awhile, throwing in the occasional D-loop as I fished an indicator rig. This technique became too automatic..if you catch my drift. My interests soon turned to the other capability of the rod. Ever since then spey style casting has taken over my train of thought.

Teaching myself this new style of casting and fly presentation has been the most fun and rewarding experience since I first taught myself how to fly fish over a decade ago. I may just like getting new toys, Skagit heads, running lines, sink tips, poly leaders and so on. It’s been a new world of excitement ever since the first cast that placed my fly across river without a single backcast…leaving me to wonder why I waited so long for my first double-hander and what kind of spey rod to buy next…

Odd First Catch

I doubt that swinging flies for pickerel will catch on anytime soon...but for my first fish caught using my skagit head it was an unexpected but welcome surprise.

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