Friday, March 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday.

Sunday was another great day to be on the water. With a high in the fifties and guaranteed sunshine, Adam and I headed north for some more special regulation water. Our plan was to get there as early as possible with the hopes of beating the crowd that was sure to accompany such a fine day. We were a little late getting on the water, but we were still the first people to pull in. The air temperature was frigid and for the first hour on the water we questioned the lack of layers under our outer armor. The action was fast and furious. We both hooked up on our first casts and preceded to hammer carbon copy stocked rainbows in the 8-12 inch range with the occasional brown mixed in.

First Light Through The Trees.

High Stick Anticipation.

High Stick Score.

The Usual.

It was my first time on the Little S in about a year. Last year around this time my brother, Adam, and I entered our first fly fishing competition. It was a one fly and we ended up doing really well. It busted the slump I was in from student teaching. That was one fine day on the water and this day also lived up to the expectations, minus the larger fish and great camaraderie.

Going For The Grab.


Stocked Lips.


Woah, Freight Train.

Meck's Run.


& Mends.

Woody Wood Pecker.

As the sun came up on the water, it warmed considerably, and the action picked up in the water and on the bank. We made our way upstream to Meck's Run and the action continued. We ran into some other fisherman enjoying the great day as well as some unexpected visitors. I never knew the Little S. was a popular kayaking destination. Although I couldn't help but laugh when Adam tied into a rainbow from the stern of one of the last kayaks floating through a run mere feet away. It was a laid back, easy Sunday morning that found our thirst satiated at least for a few more days.


A Look Downstream.

Bringing Them In.

& Letting Them Go.

Parting Shot.

Adam Wins This Duel.
Until Next Time.


Unknown said...

It's not going to be that low for a looooong time!

Mark said...

No, it will not. Water should be clearing up by tomorrow though. Got skunked today in the high chocolate milk flows...