Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have yet to intentionally go bass fishing with a fly rod. I usually end up going carp fishing and as an added bonus, get a shot at a few nice bass. This usually occurs during down time or on those days when carp are no where to be found. I find myself having a lot of these days recently despite the previous posts full of carp glory. My golden bones stomping ground in the state of Delaware is not ideal for sight fishing with a fly rod. Therefore, I started targeting the bass more frequently. I have been rewarded with the two largest bass I have ever hooked. It has been enough to catch a sort of bass bug that I never thought I would catch. Every once in awhile I find myself thinking of a largemouth below the surface of the water inhaling a popping frog two feet off the shore before burrowing deep in the weeds. Who knows, maybe I will start targeting bass more often.


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Matthew D Dunn said...

Nice fish dude. I've always been the other way- targeting bass and fishing for carp.

Anonymous said...

very cool man ,use to chase bass all the time ,they are alot of fun ,seems that the fly community kingd of puts them on the back burner ,my because of all the gear crazy 200mph bass classics .I use to fish for them in a river close to my old house in Jersey ,they would put a hurting on you quick with light tippet but that was the game to see if you could land them on light poles