Saturday, June 5, 2010


Descending upon our favorite carping locale, we couldn't help but notice all the cars parked on the streets. Then we noticed the temporary chain linked fence cutting off over half the lake and even going out into the water. Enclosed within the fence were trailers with their glittering signs flashing all sorts of amenities. Funnel cakes, hot wings, ribs, popcorn, caricatures, live music, t-shirts, and everything in between. A festival was taking place in the park and from the looks of it was about to get started. We hopped out of the car and peered out into the lake for the first time wondering how our already skittish carp were reacting to all the hustle and bustle surrounding the lake. We saw a few cruising carp before having to sidestep several golf carts driven by festival organizers and security. This was followed by several conversion vans. This was going to be an interesting day of carping.

We geared up and headed to where the carp were. They had congregated on the only side of the lake that wasn't blocked off from the fence and didn't have any festival related activities along the bank. This happened to be the only spot that we could fish. Needless to say we were both escaping the carnival like atmosphere and the crowds. However, this concentration of fish had its downside. The water was very low and gin clear from the spring creek feeding the lake and the carp were scared out of their minds. They spooked upon seeing flies that they normally would devour. This made the fishing somewhat difficult.

Soon the festival got started and we were stalking golden ghosts on the flats to the tune of several types of music. Depending on where we were lakeside we could listen to r&b, polka, country, and rock. All performed live at the various pavilions. Occasionally the organizers would set off firecracker, a loud one, probably a m80 causing every single carp in the lake to spook simultaneously sending water flying and mud clouds rising. Then something worse descended upon predator and prey: paddle boats. They took off from the opposite side of the lake and soon families were churning up the water and the bottom all throughout the lake. This made the already difficult carping even more interesting. We had music, firecrackers, company, and carp. It was indeed a festival.



Damsel Scores.

Dragging Her In.

He is Pleased.

The Carp Face.


Weaponry & Fuel.

Breaking The Surface.

Desperation Hurl.

The Scoop.

Check Out The Split Tail.
Each Part Works Separately.

Nymphs of All Sizes.

Seeing Eye to Eye.


More Cruisers.

Taking In The Festivities.

Obstacles and Carp Blocks.

Getting It Done.

Bull Dog.

Admire The Shine.


Powering Away.


Picked Up Some Weeds.

Drawing Attention.
Little Kids Got Scared of the Water.

Grip & Grin.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you had cotton candy and popcorn patterns. you must share.

Bigerrfish said...

Awesome pictures man!!!

JMP said...

You never disappoint when it comes to the voted for you on moldy chum...we need an east coast guy to win...

Mark said...

Cotton candy and popcorn patterns aren't that bad of an idea. I might have to try them out.

Thanks JMP. As it looks right now a 30+ pound fully scaled mirror carp is losing to an 18 inch cutthroat. I guess I should have extended my arms all the way.

JMP said...

Being a bigger guy...I learned to hold fish away from my body so that I don't dwarf the fish as much...

Mark said...

that is true JMP. never really thought about it from that perspective.