Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UV Chewee Caddis Pupa

One of my favorite patterns to fish is always a caddis of some sort. All three stages of their lives: larva, pupa, & adult offer easy meals for wild brown trout across Pennsylvania. To build a better mouse trap I have started using UV epoxy. I have been adapting almost all of my patterns, especially my nymphs, with it in some fashion. I particularly have found it useful on my caddis larva & pupa patterns to create a translucence finish on their abdomens. Thus far, my early experiments have worked well this winter on wild brown trout. This past weekend I took several trout in a row fishing this particular pattern on the swing. The following is a tutorial of sorts that I hope you may enjoy. 

A Caddis Primed & Ready To Go.

Tools & Materials.

Gamakatsu C12 Caddis Hook & Tungsten Bead.

Olive Thread Wrapped Mid Shank.

Tie in a 1-2 Inch Thin Piece of UV Chewee Skin in Olive.

Wrap Using Tension. This is a Pretty Shitty Wrap Job.

Coat Evenly With Loon UV, Bug Bond, or Tuffleye.
Zap With UV Torch.

Translucent UV Body.

Tie In Wing Pads Using Medallion Sheeting or Biots.

Dubbed With Senyo's Olive Laser Dub.

Wrap One Turn of Hungarian Partridge.

Dub Again.

Once More With Black Dubbing.

Ready to Rock.

Brother's & Sisters.

Caddis Larva.

Vladi Worm Impersonation w/ UV Chewee Skin & Coating.



Anonymous said...

Very nice pupa Mark! Pupas body catched my looks very good. Have you checked the chenille pupa pattern which I posted on my blog?

Anonymous said...

freakn sweet realistic

AZWanderings said...

Great looking fly. Very nice step by step too. Thanks for sharing.


Hopper Juan said...

Mark, those look sweet. Good job! Now I have to track down some more materials.


Mark said...

Thanks Guys,

If you are new to UV Chewee skin, it falls apart after a few uses. The UV keeps it together and also provides a great look.

Anthony said...

Those are almost too nice to fish! Very nice work.