Monday, May 23, 2011

Three is Company

The majority of my time spent fishing is usually by myself. Once high school ended, Adam and I went our separate ways only reconvening on select weekends, holidays, and summer vacations. A few years ago, my brother took a job in the international teaching circuit and now resides in the Caribbean. So, for the past few years I wandered local waters alone. My life consisted of catching fish in the solitude of woods, figuring out creative ways to take wrist shots of fish. I quickly ran out of ideas. 

Recently, the page has been turning and I find myself with several new friends in the immediate vicinity. Like minded, they are willing to put aside life and hit the water every chance they get. This kinship is also paying dividends as new water is opened, secrets are shared, and everyone benefits from the free trade. In the past few weeks fish have been caught, stories have been told, and many a drink has been had. Such is the lure of fly fishing. You can choose to revel in solitude and your thoughts, or open the door to a new angler and share your experiences on the water.

Derek & Ben Contemplating Technique.

Moments Before A Big Bow Says No & Splits Town.

Signs of Spring.

Derek, Freshly Addicted, Breaks in a New Rod.

A Caddis is Quickly Becoming His Go To.

He Likes His Brown Trout.

A Nice Bow Breaks The Surface.

 The 2 Weight is in Half.

Dinner is Served.

A Football Brown & The Stale Wrist Shot.

Slightly Doctored Stocker Brook Trout.

Big Bows.

Beat Up Browns.

Have You Seen My Fins?

A Heavily Spotted Finding Nemo Brown Trout At Dusk.

Ben Gets His.

Three is Company.


e.m.b. said...

Dinner is served...but which ones are real...?!

Feather Chucker said...

Great post, never quite seen a brown colored like that.