Saturday, September 24, 2011

Atomic Number 79


Trying to recall the events of the past few days have been pretty tough. All that comes to mind are blurred memories of screaming reels and backing runs. A busted a knuckle or two and saying hello to my gel-spun for the first time since the Caribbean. Ah yes, I hoisted a lot of gold..and some calico too...

Day one began with Vindication. I dropped Mark off at his house and was no sooner back to do some evening carpin. Only managing one before the sun set. With the taste of gold still fresh I headed out the next day for round two.

Day two was pretty awesome. Amongst the carp I got eats from two of the lakes koi which is quite rare. I managed to connect with only one and brought the calico gem to hand. Day three on the other hand was absolutely ridiculous. I was blessed with an epic day on the water. I brought...a lot...of fish to hand, including fifteen fish in the ten pound range. Day four I gave my forearms a rest.

Sad Fish...Haha!

New Carp Face

Nice & Thick


John Montana said...

Nice! I was all set to go after carp tomorrow but the weather hosed me. Cold front, rain and clouds moving in...I might chase coho instead, a little rain should get the salmon moving.

Daniele said...

Wow ! How many carp in few days, must have been really fun.

Very nice blog btw :)

testflycarpin said...

I am jealous. September has been my worst month of the year, I caught more carp in January! Sounds like some great days with serious numbers and a koi to boot! Any hints for how you are dealing with the transition to fall passivity or are you fish still pretty aggressive there?

Matt said...

some days the X allows a bountiful feast, indeed.

Chola said...

So what flies, sizes and weights are you using to catch these?

Adam said...

John - Thanks, Cohos aren't a bad trade off.

McTage - The fish here are still very active. I'll let you know if I can overcome the transition slump period. It's bound to hit soon.

Chola - A variety of patterns took these fish. From gaudy suckerspawn to more natural dragon & damsel patterns. All unweighted size 10-14.

e.m.b. said...

So many carp. And a calico too! Very cool.....and love the new carp face! It's surely going to catch on, go viral, every carp fisherman from now on will do it. :)