Wednesday, November 30, 2011

High Water Impact

I hadn't been on my local stream in Delaware since May. I left it full of stockers, some of which were quite large and in charge. Over the summer, I retreated home to Pennsylvania pursuing trout and carp as well as saltwater chrome in the Caribbean. In that time frame, the stream experienced some significant changes due to several high water events throughout the summer and early fall. Most of the changes had to have been from Hurricane Irene. For the most part, I am happy with several shifts. Some new logjams have emerged, an entire bank has been eroded encompassing a large boulder, and a certain mud banked hole's flow has been immensely improved. If the stream remains unchanged, we are setting up for quite a good spring.

The downside to the high water impact was the complete lack of trout in certain parts of the stream. My buddy Ben and I experienced some fishless hours before zeroing in on a few fish. It seems all the new holes might have to force me to relearn the water and selective holding areas. I did manage a feisty and healthy looking rainbow that fell to a caddis pupa before we departed for a Sunday of football. I've decided to periodically check in until spring.

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