Monday, April 29, 2013


The theme of taking people fishing is continuing so far this year. I recently took out my roommate, Pat for his first small stream trout experience on one of my favorites that I fish once a year. With very little fly fishing experience, I was a little hesitate taking him to fish such tight quarters. However, he honed his casting all winter long using a Redington Form rod in our living room, roll casting into randomly placed wine glasses. The tight quarters in our living room transitioned well on the stream and I was impressed with his ability to fish dry-dropper with minimal tangles. We caught wild brown trout up to 10 inches and a few stocked brookies. It was a perfect day to spend the morning hiking up a small stream under a cloudless sky. On the hike out, we got to spread out a little bit on another stream and catch a few more stockers. Pat even got to show off his improved casting skills placing dries under overhanging rhododendron bushes. With his progressing skills, I think it might be time for a step up in competition.

Hole 1# 
Roll Cast From the Prone Position

Rocking the Fit-overs. 


The Chutes

Ugly Scenery

A Wild One

Spook Central

He did manage to hook himself in the neck...

Morning Light

Roll casting upstream...

A wild one...

Stalker Mode

Who is this guy?

Stocker Brook Trout

Easy Work

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Feather Chucker said...

Nice stream, nice fish, nice pics, nice everything!