Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Ahead

Daylight savings time in the spring is probably my favorite day of the year. It affords the fly angler an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon to not only enjoy the increasingly nice weather outside, but to go fishing after work. This year springing ahead fell on March 6, and should have ushered in some Spring-like weather. However, it decided to snow multiple times in the Mid-Atlantic region since then with the temperatures and weather fluctuating on a weekly basis. This made Spring seem a little farther off than anticipated, but I didn't let it stop me from heading outside to do some local trout fishing. I even got in a few carp sessions when the water clarity finally began to clear.

Things started off with a stocked trout trip in the snow. It featured quite a few rare trout for Delaware. There was the pale and beautiful marble trout imported from Slovenian waters and even a few finless leopard rainbows all the way from Alaska. All kidding aside, it had been awhile since I fished for trout. After so many trips swinging for steelhead, I was a little rusty to say the least.

Speaking of rust, the first carp outing of year had it in spades. With the water temps still extremely cold, I had a difficult time timing the take of the fish. I missed several opportunities before I waited long enough. However, the wait was worth it as I landed a beautiful, pristine, golden common to kick the season off.

Mid-March wrapped up with a wild brown trout trip to a small Central, PA stream. The morning jaunt brought quite a few nice browns to hand and I had some pretty sweet company to boot…

With spring already here, be sure to enjoy it while it lasts. Spring is the best time for fly fishing before the hot summer arrives. So get out there and fish, enjoy the weather, and hone those skills for when the first major hatches of the year start popping off.

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