Tuesday, May 10, 2016


          Vacation arrived at the end of March and my brother Matt and I planned on fishing together, in the Spring, for the first time in six years. It felt like and played out similar to those scenes in A River Runs Through It, where Norman leaves for Dartmouth for six years, while Paul stays in Helena, unable to leave the fish he had yet to catch. In our case, my brother moved abroad to teach internationally, while I stayed on the east coast, also teaching, but honing my craft on a variety of species in the Mid-Atlantic region. Of course, we were able to fish together in the summer, but not on some of the more fabled waters of Pennsylvania or the Catskills. Matt was really looking forward to these Spring trips, probably more than any summer trip we've taken on our summer's off. I was eager to show him some of the waters and the trout he can now look forward to each subsequent Spring...

We had a two day trip planned to Central PA with one day for the two of us, and the second for a our friends Marko and Anni from Hamburg, Germany.

A gloomy and super windy day. 

The first of many.


Quill Gordons

A shallow water brown.

Low and clear.

An early Hendrickson.

The type of fish that will always bring me back...

Some tight line action.

The good ole Frenchie

Matt jumping a little guy.


Bank feeder that fell for a well drift Adams.

Laws of attraction.

Sun but still windy as hell.

I love these woods.

Marko and Anni working a run.

Anni's first trout. 

Another good one, demonstrating a technique. 

Streamers were fished, but the trout weren't interested. 

Several nice fish rising along the bank...

Many a angler has crossed this bridge...

A BWO eater...


Steve said...

Nice Mark. Glad to see you updated the blog and nice that your international friends could experience some PA trout fishing.

Mark said...

Thanks Steve, glad your following along!