Friday, October 19, 2018

October Float


On a cool and gray day in October high flows ferried my brother and I through mist and drizzle as we pounded the banks of our home river with gigantic streamers. The off color current dragged on the yellowing leaves of overhanging branches and vegetal flotsam lay draped and folded over every sweeping and submerged limb. We were counting on the overcast dankness loosening the inhibitions of this river's increasingly abundant big beautiful brown trout and we were not disappointed.

We thwacked articulated streamers tight to the banks and ripped them back towards the boat with occasional wounded pauses. The early broadside flashes of interested players spiked our heart rates and when we found the groove and began to connect after a river mile or two we emerged into one of those days where you felt that any cast could result in a very memorable fish. Some of them did.


NWAdrew said...

Great report and pictures. Always enjoy your articles and fly trying. We've had some good luck on the bead head Al's Rat pattern.

NWAdrew said...

Great report and photo's. Always enjoy your blog.