Monday, October 28, 2019

A Fleeting Fall

Sometimes you blink and it's over...

Compared to previous years, this fall seemed brief and less productive. The first storm ended up downing most of the changing leaves, leaving less than two weeks of good views. In addition, the lack of water left the river low and clear. Those conditions aren't the most productive for throwing large streamers to pre-spawning brown trout. As a weekend warrior, my chances were already few and far between. On two of the weekends I did get out, dam releases and a flash flood ended up taking Sundays off the table. On others, the fishing was slow and the lack of flow made it difficult to stick the hook set with a swung fly.

What I'll remember most about this Fall is taking Murphy out fishing and spending our afternoons walking the riverbank and swinging flies for trout. As it turns out, she is a natural fishing dog that rarely leaves my side. Her first was a large fallfish and she was scared of it. As she warmed up to the next few fish, I think she began to realize what I was doing. Now, whenever I am gearing up to go fishing, she thinks she can come along. In the future, that may be the case more often than not.


Bald Eagle

Lehigh River Gold

An interesting time to be standing in the middle of the river with your dog...

That escalated quickly...


Low and Clear

A Nice Holdover Bow

An Early Morning Float With Big Poppa Pump

My fall fishing season ended in late October. Matt and I put in in the early afternoon hoping to beat the wall of chocolate coming downriver. We had a quarter mile of fishing before the river went to hell. We floated and talked the rest of the time. 

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