Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Small and Cold


Water temperatures on most eastern Pennsylvania freestone streams and rivers reached lethal levels for trout near the end of May this year. All it took was a few days of a heat wave for the thermometer to read 68 degrees and to throw in the white towel. Yes, a brief cooling and some rain helped, but once thermally stressed, the trout are still vulnerable. Morally and ethically, the right move is to give them a break until the Fall. Thankfully, the same area of the state is blessed with several limestone streams, and a few tailwaters, that fish well into the summer. Even then, you should carry a thermometer to be sure. Typically, I'll get a small dose of summer cabin fever and have to hit one of these pieces of water for a trico spinner fall or an afternoon sulphur emergence. The trout are usually eager, unique, and a kaleidoscope of colors. This more than makes up for their smaller size. 

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