Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Pops

Every September, Big Poppa Pump's birthday comes along and I have two "go to" gifts for the old man. I either take him golfing, or I take him fly fishing. When it comes to golf, the old man plays every chance he gets. On my end of things, I play once or twice a year. Despite my lack of play, I almost always kick his ass. When playing the old man one on one, the scorecards he brings home and brags about don't always add up. I chalk it up to the relentless trash talking, laughs, and jokes I throw his way on the course. When it comes to fishing, the end of September is hit or miss. Sometimes it is simply too hot to fish. This year, we were able to get out and find some cold water and a few fish. As the years progress, I aim to take "Big Poppa Pump" fishing as much as I can.