Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The Dreams of Spring

Springtime dreams...

With swing season in the rearview mirror and temperatures on the rise, the mayflies of spring begin to stir. Nymphs, in various stages of their life cycle, become a more frequent part of the drift. The two handers get put away and the fishermen's routine changes to the tune of the hatch. It typically starts with gordons, then hendricksons, cahills, sulphurs, and finally slate drakes. The usual suspects like caddis, blue winged olives, and the occasional stoneflies round out the daily diet. Four and five weights come out armed with lengthy Harvey leaders tapered to whatever you can get away with. Boats and rafts are launched at unusual hours frequenting smaller sections of river with floats that last well past daylight hours. Anglers are on the hunt for subtle bank side rises and the occasional gator mouth breaching the surface. It is all so fleeting, forcing anglers to give up their daily routines and strain relationships to be on the water, and in the moment, for as long as possible. Battles are lost and some engagements are won. Victories involve smiles, laughter, shit eating grins, and lifelong memories with friends and family. 

These are the dreams of spring.