Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 Shooter.

Adam and I hit up the White Clay creek system this past weekend and caught eight different species. With high water and low visibility we threw streamers for two days but were able to transition to dries and nymphs as the water cleared on the second day. All told we caught browns, rainbows, fall fish, smallmouth, rock bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, suckers, and a snapping turtle. The snapper was sight fished to and attacked an olive woolly bugger twitched along the bottom.

Small Hook Jaw.

White Clay Scenery.

Fall Fish or "CHUB"

Cream Cahill

Black Tipped Rock Bass.

Log Jams = Big Fish

More White Clay Scenery.

Slaying Fish In Clearing Water.

Bow out of a Root Ball.

Possible Native.

Snapping Turtle Coming To Hand.

Blue or Red Quill?

This Bow has a Purple Marabou Comb Over.

Black Woolly Buggers = Success

Smallmouth Fight Hard.

Blue or Red Quill?

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