Monday, May 11, 2009

New Water.

A change of scenery is always welcomed, especially on trout streams. The same freestone streams can only offer so much when you want so much more. When looking for new water, you often have to go a ways to find a change of pace. I found this change in the Gunpowder River, located near Baltimore, MD. My brother Matt, began fishing the Gunpowder when he took up a teaching job in inner city Baltimore. I put off heading there to fish with him for almost two years. After finally getting down there and experiencing it for myself, I can say that I immediately regret those two years.

Dream Hole.

Go Deep or Go Home.


Not That Colorful...

The road into the Gunpowder tailwater, takes you down a long winding corridor flanked by forest that exhibits a feeling seldom found so close to Baltimore. The feeling grows with new leaves on the trees and the smell of fresh rain. Down the road, we pull off and gear up. It's 7 a.m. and it is pouring outside. The forecast for the day calls for rain, rain, and more rain but I am in good spirits. Rain is my favorite time to fish. We hike down a nice trail into the small canyon. Its a fairly good walk before I finally lay eyes on the stream. All it takes is one look through the rhododendrons and I know I am about to experience a special stretch of water.

Pocket Water.

Hard Fighting Bow.

Slinging it in the Rain.

Fell For the Zebra Midge.

Stepping up to the first hole, I am in heaven. Its a deep plunge pool with large boulders on either side. The hole is accentuated by large fallen trees courtesy of the beaver population. Looking up stream, each hole seems to only get better. Within the first few casts, small browns and bows come to hand. The situation repeats itself for the next several hours occasionally interrupted by a slam pig sighting that keeps us on our toes with anticipation. The hoss's elude us for the day but we know they are there. They will have to wait until the next time I am able to escape to this beautiful stream. However, next time, I won't be waiting two years. More like, two weeks.


In Good Company.

Welcome To The Gunpowder.

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