Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday Night Lights.

A trip north to the Salmon River canceled, Adam and I decided to have a fly tying night at my place. Much to the dismay of my mother, our material was spread out about the kitchen table and all over the floor. It was an open table night so anything was fair game. We broke in a fresh case of winter brew and began discussing recent ties, fishing excursions, and materials. I say we spent about half the time discussing and about half the time actually tying.

The Brew: Winters Bourbon Cask Ale

The Table.

On the menu were a variety of flies. I mainly tied saltwater patterns for an upcoming trip to the British Virgin Islands. Several tarpon toads, crazy charlies, baitfish patterns, and a cuda squid. It will be my first time saltwater fly fishing in the Caribbean and these first salt flies will be put to good use . On the other hand, Adam mainly concentrated on tying tube fly intruders. Together we have been branching out into the world of two hand rods and swinging flies and have been transfixed by tubes and intruders. Once you get bitten by a new bug, it can be hard to let go. Despite lacking the necessary materials you improvise at the vice and create your own little patterns. Hopefully the steelhead these flies will target will become as transfixed by them as we are.

A Dilemma: What Next?

Purple Toad With Rabbit Tail.

Shrimp Pattern.

Enrico Puglisi Baitfish

8 Inch Squid Pattern.
Here Cuda Cuda Cuda.

Blue Raccoon Finn Intruder.

Purple Raccoon Finn Version.

A Thick Purple Intruder Tube.

Conehead Tube Fly.

Polar Fibre Minnow.

Chartreuse Toad With Marabou Tail.

Needlefish Flies.

Dark Crab Imitation.

Lighter Version With Eyes.

Hopefully A Bonefish Finds These Attractive.

Size 16 Flashback Pheasant Tails.

Size 20 Mercury PTs.

Size 26 & 28 Al's Rats.

Adam's Pink Intruder Destroyer.

The Fly of the Night In Action.


Fly Fishing Nation said...

Great stuff mate. Gotta question regarding the tarpon pattern. Is that a TMC 600S?

Mark said...

Tiemco 600s indeed. It is a large and very sharp hook. I caught my tarpon on the purple toad from this post using the hook, held up well.

Your mates landed two bonefish and a shark yesterday and were good company on New Years Eve.

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