Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vote! Fish of the Year.

Updated: 2009 Fish of the Year: Tarpon

Help us settle a year end holiday dispute at This River is Wild. Which fish over the past year was the greatest? We each put in two entries for fish of the year and hopefully our small readership will help end the bickering between us (there really is none). So what makes the fish of the year? Is it the size of the fish, story and experience, or beauty? Here are the entries with an accompanying link to the post. Vote on the top right of the blog. Happy holidays!

Option 1: Adam's First Canal Carp
Weeks of toiling in the mosquito infested canal of Walnutport culminated in this massive golden bone. Story & more images here: Flawless Victory

Beautiful Savage River Brown.

Option 3: Bonefish

As a birthday present for my brother, Stacy took Matt out to a remote island where wading the flats, he landed his first ever bonefish. Story and pictures here: Chasing Tail.

Bro's First Bonefish.

Option 4: Tarpon.

Out with a friend, Matt tied into a 80 pound tarpon that schooled him in the surf while evading a curious shark. Story and images here: Megalops Atlanticus

The first Tarpon: Deliverance

Epic Tarpon Battle From the Rocks.

Option 5: Salmon River Brown

As the rain began to fall, Adam tested out a tri-cluster egg sucking leech. The brown exploded off the bottom as the fly hit the water. Story and images here: Salmon River Revenge

More epic brown trout: Shooting Stars

Salmon River Brown on the Tri-Cluster Leech.

Option 6: Lago X Carp

My best day ever Carp fishing culminated in this brute that was slowly stalked and picked off some weed beds. A blistering run and my fly line disappeared into the middle of the lake. Story and images here: CARP!

Goliath Lago-X Carp.

Although these fish may not be the largest fish we caught all year, they certainly were some of the more memorable. As the new year approaches, new water and challenges await us that are sure to produce more memories and even more epic moments.


Chris Michels said...


Troutdawg said...

Hmm the Tarpon or Carp for me!

Wade Rivers said...

Savage River brown trout. That's a beeeeeeautiful fish in a gorgeous setting.

Really though, they're all winners. Even the losers are winners.

Tom said...

Tarpon... But, I had to vote twice because that canal carp deserved a vote too!