Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cabin Fever.

This winter has been particularly harsh across much of the United States. I can't remember a year when it has been colder than this year, especially in the mid-atlantic region. Normally, I am able to fish whenever I want. This year, it has been a different story. I find myself in a slump. I haven't had a chance to catch some fish since my trip to the Caribbean over the holiday. Combine this with my first year on the job and the weekends are my only chance to really get out there. Unfortunately, it seems to only snow on the weekends and these past few snow storms have put a damper on my weekend warrior status. Cabin fever is sinking in.

Instant Freeze.

Last Sunday, I spent my Saturday indoors and out of the snow preparing myself for a full day of fishing the next day. I was pumped to get out on the water and try my hand at some White Clay trout. I woke up early, put the truck in 4x4 and drove through the snow to my destination. I paid no attention to the temperature or the weather forecast. I was going fishing. I stepped outside into the early morning sun and froze my ass off while rigging up and putting my waders on. I made my way to the stream and broke through several feet of anchor ice into a small run that was free from the ice. Two casts later, my line became a catapult. My long leader, tippet, and fly became coated in ice. I never had this happen before. They wouldn't even unfreeze in the water after a minute. I literally could not fish. I decided to go for a long walk and take some photos before heading to the local fly shop.

The Morning Sun.

Anchor Ice Can Be Sharp.

Snow, Sun, & Ice.

That is Slush in a Fast Ripple.

I Wasn't The Only One Out Though.

This weekend, a monster Nor'easter snow storm has put a damper on my fishing hopes. I have bunkered down and have been tying flies, watching fishing dvds, and staring out the window daydreaming of fish. I'll be trapped here for another day or two with two feet of snow outside. It seems i'll be tying a lot of flies. I tied my first ever tube flies, several intruders, and a ton of sculpin patterns. I also watched Hustle & Fish for the tenth time. I bought Ed Ward's Skagit Master and am glad I did. It is a great instructional video. The day's work below.

Momma & Poppa Pigeon Taking Shelter From the Storm.

Thank You Ed Ward.

Nothing But Big Nasties.

"You tie on a size 16 BWO, you tie up the fly & throw it in your box, and you look at it the next time you go fishing. You tie up a double bunny or a Conehead the barbarian, you got this little critter thats got eyes. You can talk to it. You can pet it."

-Scott Sanchez Feeding Time

Light Sculpin.
Woolhead, Raccoon Finn, & Magnum Zonker Strip.

Acceptable For My First Ever Tube Flies.

Purple Sculpin.
Raccoon Finn & Magnum Zonker. Simple.

A Gunpowder Sculpin.

My Attempt at Replicating.

Several Brown/Olive Sculpins.

Rabbit Zonkers & Flash Hackle.

Patriot Intruder Going For a Test Run.

Black Stinger w/ Deer Hair Head.

Black & Purple.

Tan & Gray.
Wool, Raccoon Finn, & Zonker.

Gray Sculpin.

Micro Tube Polar Minnows.

Some Plain Intruder Tubes.

Chartreuse Intruder.
Following Ed Ward's Instruction.

Test Run.

Boo Ya.

The Truck Has Seen Better Days.

Let the Digging Commence.


Anonymous said...

those are some meaty tubes! love those sculpins.

Mark said...

Thanks man, I tied up a few of those sculpins on tubes as well. I am anxious to try them out.