Friday, February 12, 2010


The northeast has been hammered the past few weeks to the tune of the highest ever recorded snow falls in history. Down in Delaware around two feet fell over the weekend and then another 12-16 inches of thick slushy snow on top of that. A full week off from school, I found myself trapped in my apartment literally crawling up the walls. I needed to get away. I had several chances to escape but the possibility of being called back to work kept me from rolling the dice. When word finally came that we did indeed have the rest of the week off, it was go time.

While contemplating my possible extended winter vacation, I sent out a few messages looking to gain interest in a possible weekend trip. The decision was spontaneous and occurred after watching some video clips online. Apparently I got a little excited and didn't really bother to check the weather forecast, temperatures, or fishing report. It just happened. The following conversation took place via our Facebook walls.

Mark- "You alive or has schoolwork killed you?"

Adam- "My soul is slowly deteriorating with every passing day...but I'm hanging in there.

Mark- "Salmon River this weekend?"

Adam- "I hate you...let me sit on this..." (Contemplating schoolwork...)

Adam (four minutes later)- "You're all jazzed up about your tubes aren't you?" (Still thinking...)

Adam (ten minutes later)- "Let's just put it this way...I just had an intruder in my fish tank...its on..." (decision...made)

Mark- "Well that only took 14 minutes to sit on it"

Adam- "It really shouldn't have taken that long"

Mark- (thinking) "I wonder if snow can create a sustained anchor?"

So here we go... Salmon River weekend.

Weather? What Weather?

All That Your Thinking About.

Gets You Through Any Type of Weather.

Get Pumped.


All I Need Are Some Eumer Cones...

& Some Twenty Dollar Jungle Cock Feathers...

Slow & Shallow Run = This Guy.

Still Learning...

I Dub Thee Cotton Candy all 7 inches of Her.

Hopefully This Gets Hammered.

Your My Boy BLUE!


Testing Out The New Camera.
Riley Is Focused.

A Little Too Focused...Calm Down Girl.

Like Wolves...

Neck & Neck.

Big & Powerful vs. Small & Quick

I Smell Something in the Wind...

Can We Be A Part of Your Plans?


Ms. Erdosy said...

Beautiful pics Markie... the last one of the dogs is fantastic.

Chris Michels said...

Nice pics. How you like that pentax?

Mark said...


It is a pretty sweet camera. Has a lot of features for the price. My favorite feature is 5 pictures/second. I got a kit with two lenses but they aren't the best.

The biggest adjustment with the DSLR is...not fishing. You can't do both at the same time. So, I find myself stuck in limbo a lot.

I am also fishing a lot more alone these days, so I really don't have anyone to take pictures of fish or fishing stuff so I haven't been using it a lot. It would probably be great for River though.

For a fishing camera that you don't really have to worry about breaking/getting wet, Pentax is coming out with the W90 which I might need to get. I am using my old beat to hell W40 that rarely works because my W60 didn't like saltwater too much.

Chris Michels said...

I've always wondered about the Pentax dslr's. I just picked up a new Canon 7D a few weeks ago, and had a xti before that. I RARELY bring the thing when I'm fishing. I think this year, I may spend a little more time taking pictures, and less time fishing. We'll see. I just bought the 70-200 2.8 IS L last week, planning on shooting with it tomorrow. We'll see if I can stop fishing long enough to take a few pictures. I haven't been fishing in weeks.

I also use the Panasonic TS1. I highly recommend it for a fishing camera. It shoots video in 720P, and the image quality is pretty decent. I brought it with me to Panama last year, and it held up to the salt just fine. If you're gonna pick up another tough cam, you should look at this one. The new TS2 comes out soon too, I think.