Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Morning Jaunt.

Usually, there is only one way to fish pressured water alone. Wake up earlier than everyone else. To increase the odds of having a stretch of blue ribbon water by yourself, wake up earlier than everyone else, do it on an ugly day, and make sure it is a weekday. That is a recipe for solitude and peace of mind.

Skinny Water.




Who The Hell Decided To Stock Fingerling Bows???!!!

That Spot That No One Casts Towards...Yea.

When in Doubt, Green Caddis.

I Wish I Landed The Three Bigger Than This Guy.

Next Time.

And the Award For Best Fish of the Morning Goes To...

1 comment:

Bigerrfish said...

way to go man nice browns and the little rainbows.....good practace