Monday, April 12, 2010

Not All Churches Have Pews.

Traditionally, Easter Sunday is a time for Church, worship, and family. Over time, as I developed into a successful fly fisherman, holidays became days on the water. Days on the water became my Church, so to speak, and as the Simms ads proudly say, "Not all Churches have pews". On the water, I feel closer to any potential higher being or deceased relative than I have ever felt in any Church, cemetery, or memorial service. Usually, I am alone in my thoughts with nothing more than the steady sound of rushing water, rustling leaves, and singing birds. Not part of a crowd going through the motions of some ancient doctrine. When people question my lack of faith, I usually take it with a grain of salt, politely smile, and nod. They just don't understand.

On this particular Easter Sunday, I am not in a secluded wilderness on a wild trout stream. Rather, I find myself at the local carp pond in the middle of a city. The day's place of worship. Carp worship to be exact. Carp have been gaining popularity as a target species on rod and fly. They are everywhere these days. However, some still find them to be a repulsive trash fish unworthy of time and effort. I feel sorry for these guys. They will never have a chance to carefully stalk a fish in a small freshwater flat. Lay out a long cast placing a fly ten feet in front of a fish designed to detect every sound, movement, and smell in it's environment. They won't know what its like to see a beautiful piece of gold slowly meander over to a descending fly, inspecting it from all angles. They won't feel the anticipation or the adrenaline coursing through veins. They won't be able to feel time stop as that carp, fifty feet away, under all that glare, slowly sucks a fly off the bottom. They won't feel the jolt and acceleration of a fish measured in pounds rather than inches explode off the flat. They just won't understand.

Until they try. Then they're a goner.

All Smiles.

From Across The Pond: "Are You Going To Keep That?"

Long Distance Sucker Spawn Hookup.

Short Distance Articulated Damsel Hookup.

Eyeing What She Just Ate.

A Slab of Gold.

Giddy Up.

Carp Camo.

How Is This Ugly?

Filth Shot.

Slow & Steady Release.

Last Goodbyes & Happy Holidays.


Unknown said...

Where were you guys for this?

Mark said...

Back home in the Lehigh Valley.

Unknown said...

That's some golden gold!

Chris Michels said...

Very awesome guys! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...
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Troutdawg said...

Very Nice!

Mark said...

Thanks Guys! More Ghosts Footage on the Way!

Fishing Fury said...

Awesome stuff, great colours on those carps!