Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Last Carp of the Year?

Over a month ago, I did a post entitled, "Late Season Carping". I guess that was a little premature. On a recent outing to our carping locale, Adam struck gold and proclaimed, "It's not over until this place freezes over"! The lucky guy was able to entice an average slab of ghost that meandered into the shallows looking for an easy meal. After a short fight and some cold feet, Adam released what will most likely be, the last carp of 2010. I will probably eat those words in the coming weeks.

A Lone Ranger Sent To Investigate.

Making Sweet Music.


The End is Near.

Shimmering Delight.

The Scoop.

It Isn't Over Yet.

Golden Ghosts.

Is She The Last of 2010?

1 comment:

Troutdawg said...

Nice to see the weather has treated you well enough to chase some Goldens...we're in snow mode here and things have definitely slowed down!