Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Out of State Angler.

Take Me Home Country Roads.

Born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, I grew up in one of the best states in America to fly fish for trout. Wild trout. I honed my skills a few hundred yards down the street from my house on a small freestone stream that harbored a sparse population of wild brown trout. Each spring, the small browns, were hounded by stocked fish and fishermen who kept their limits all season long. It was a miracle I was able to catch them throughout much of my teenage years. Heading to college, I chose the University of Delaware. Lost in the decision process was my desire to fly fish. Instead, athletics and an education were my top priorities at the time period. If I hopped in a DeLorean, I would probably choose guide school and a life of fly fishing over a life spent bound to a job and the man. Graduating college, I took my one and only job offer, and happily am now a Delawarean. I went from a state known for wild trout to a state that has zero wild trout streams. 

Leaf Clutter.

My Escape.

Add Cataracts to Stockpedia

When I am tied down in Delaware, I will routinely hit one of the only streams in the state of Delaware that is stocked: White Clay Creek. Even then, I tend to travel an extra ten minutes across the PA line to fish the upper reaches of the creek in Pennsylvania. My local waters now only hold stocked trout as opposed to the stream born fish that intoxicated my mind during my early days. They only satiate a small portion of my appetite for fly fishing. As a result, I am now a traveling out of state angler. A weekend warrior, traveling back home to PA, in search of the wildness of my youth. 

A Freshly Stocked Fall Bow.

The Distinctive Stocking Color.


A Nemo Bow.

Veiled Green Caddis.

An Appetizer. 


Jeff Andersen said...

Those are some great shots!

Jeff Andersen said...

Those are some great shots!

Bigerrfish said...

Sweet picks.. I really need an under water camera!!!

Jay said...

Just found your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed Stockpedia. I can identify very well with the out-of-state angler crisis... I usually have licenses in 4 states. Right now I only have 2 and neither is my state of residence... at the moment. I live in Memphis, TN... my current licenses are in MS and AR. I do a lot of driving to AR for trout, and AL for Smallmouths. I also like the chub photo. I just posted a nice one on my blog too.

Blake said...

I live in illinois and fish western wisconsin trout. 2+ hours each way, it worth it though!