Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cats & Dogs.

The windshield wipers are beating back and forth on their fastest setting and I can barely see into the distance. Squinting, I am attempting to avoid the rivers of water along either side of the road. The ground is oversaturated from snow melt and water is all over the place. It is slightly passed noon on a Sunday and I am heading out into the fray. I am hyrdroplaning down the road to my intended destination and its raining cats and dogs with several more inches on the way. More than enough to blow out the local creek for several days and change everything. 

One look is all it takes and I know it is going to be a special day. The water is high and gradually becoming off colored and no one is in the immediate vicinity. I pull off onto the side of the road and the weight of my truck tires sink several inches into muddy soil. I gear up and make the short jaunt to the water, almost guaranteed some fantastic fishing before all the milk and sugar is added in the coming hours. In the deep ravine, with complete solitude, the steady beat of rain is pinging off my rain jacket & intermittently interrupted by a jumping stocker bow, screeching sharkskin, and a few laughs out loud to myself. 

A few days later, I was on the water again. As predicted, the flooding event changed the water and the scenery. Gravel and sand bars were redistributed, new holes were formed, and several downed branches and trees clogged feeding lanes. The trout were everywhere. Spread out amongst the creek & dazed & confused from the previous few days. It was like someone hit a reset button and new game plans had to be formulated. Nevertheless, the stream received a good flushing and gave hounded fish a few days rest. 


Костя said...

Very nice place, just a fairy tale. Wonderful time of year to walk around with a fishing rod, trees covered with gold, unpredictable creek, rain and silence .... Thank you Mark, great pleasure to read your blog

chris said...

Great photos look like your living the dream.

Troutdawg said...

Another great report and loving the new Carp Header!