Thursday, March 3, 2011

Early Stones.

February offered up some freezing cold temperatures but every once in a while those temps rose up into the 40s and 50s. On warmer days, early black stoneflies hatch en mass and could be easily spotted along the bank, especially on snow. The trout take notice. I use this pattern in the early part of the season and have found it to be extremely effective. I fish it on the bottom until the end of the dead drift, where it is swung down and across. It can also be twitched along banks, especially in back eddies. It is a simple pattern that takes very little time to tie, and can be tied with several types of material. Here is one such version. 

Upon closer inspection, they have an iridescent sheen about them, very similar to peacock. Use starling. 

16-20 Dry Fly Hook, Black Thread, Black Bead (or none), Black Biot, Senyo's Laser Dub, Starling, & A Sharpie If Your Short on Black Biots. 

You can tie it weightless as well and fish it in the film, or dress it like a dry. 

Tie in your biot.

I always tie them in with the stiffer section facing me.

Wrap evenly. 

Color If Needed. 

Black Laser Dub. 

You can tie it much sparser.

I used two wraps with a full hackle.

Brush back and finish.

Sparser Version.

Thinner Profile.

Get some.

Early brown stones, work well too...

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great pictures and great step by step! Thanks for the idea of a great stone pattern