Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lull in the Action

After five days of sailing and constant fishing, with some of us experiencing very little sleep, we experienced a lull in the action over the next few days. We still fished everyday, but we were now operating on island time. Island time occurs in slow motion. When you set an alarm for 8 in the morning, you don't wake up until 10, and usually don't hit the water until 11. Once your out fishing you take breaks on the beach, fall asleep in a chair, or head to the bar for some extendend day drinking. In short, we were dead tired, and enjoying the surroundings. While this occurred, we focused on several things, one of them being catching a daytime tarpon. We succeeded wildly at catching some baby poon, but our endless search brought us far and wide, fishing from cliffs and by pontoon. Essentially, without a boat, we were screwed.

That left us with some other targets. Nighttime tarpon were always on the menu. Sharks from the beach were also in session. We are talking sharks swimming a few yards from unsuspecting tourists. The largest hooked was a six foot lemon shark 20 ft. offshore that nailed a 12 inch mushy mouth pattern. Snapper were in session on cloudy days, when sighting a bonefish in deep water was not an option. Occasionally, a large snapper met an unexpecting death in the jaws of a large cuda or shark.

Our final task, was catching a permit. We could try for three days in a row trying to catch a permit in all the right spots, but we would never see them. Only when we were least expecting it to happen, did the sickle like tail break the surface of the water. Say, carrying groceries into the house only to have them disappear two minutes later after we were rigged and ready.

A lot of Rainbows But No Double Complete Rainbows

Orange & Red Sunsets

Purple Sunsets

Night Time Tarpon

Daytime Baby Tarpon

Finding the Fish

& Local Remnants

Fishing From Pontoons

Catching Small Snappers

Catching Half of Big Snappers

Exploring Salt Ponds

Catching Sharks From The Beach

Lizard Noosing Food For The Tree Boa

Chasing Front Yard Perm

& Watching Tail

Lots of Naps

A lot.


e.m.b. said...

Better not post too many of those sky photos...they'll get more attention than the fish! ;)

Troutdawg said...

Another great trip report...loved those pics!