Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

The night of day four saw us pitching hammocks in between palm trees around two in the morning. We had just completed and entire day of fishing in terrible rainy conditions followed by a late night session tarpon and critter hunting. Unbeknownst to me, I was stung by some sort of jellyfish as we waded the flats in the night and just as I entered my hammock I had a serious reaction. My body felt like it was on fire. Lying in wet sandy clothes with every inch of your body burning while wrapped in a hammock in the Caribbean humidity is not a conducive place to sleep. I spent the night writhing in pain and discomfort. Around four in the morning, another squall came rolling through. My brother and I found ourselves running bare foot back to the car where we finally found an hour of sleep before waking up for another session in the rain.

That morning we drove to a flat and had a long hike through dense foliage to the water. Along the way we were attacked by mosquitos and no see ums. We found shelter along the wind swept coast but only for a brief while. Another front came moving through the area and we found ourselves trapped on the flat amidst thunder , lightning, and heavy winds. We took shelter along the mangroves where the mosquitos showed zero tolerance. 

The rain barely let up for the rest of the day, which is not good for sight fishing a large promising flat. We didn't see the bonefish until they were under our noses. In the afternoon, we left, thwarted by mother nature with only a few miscellaneous species and dozens of bug bits to show for our efforts. 

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John said...

epic. great blog.