Saturday, December 31, 2011


Home for the holidays, I have limited time on the water. Family and friends occupy most of it. Every now and then I get to sneak off for a quick fishing trip. Often, these little jaunts are on familiar waters around home for wild trout. One particular stream near home provides a quick holiday fix. Small stream water in a rough and tumble picturesque environment. The water flows fast in and around boulders, slate, and logs. Perfect hiding spots for small trout waiting in ambush for a smorgasbord of aquatic life floating downstream. I had anticipated the water on the stream to be high and slightly off colored. Streams around my house were completely blown out. After I made my way over the mountain, the streams were low and clear. I was shocked.

This altered my strategy significantly. I no longer had the cover of high and dirty water. All of a sudden, I found myself crawling upstream on hands and knees sling shotting casts into holding water. Often, you only have one chance in each particular lie. If you catch one out of a hole, you move on, because all the commotion surely scares everything around.

My short jaunt found success with several willing wild browns. Several more, shook free of my barbless fly as they cartwheeled out of the water and downstream. After a few hundred yards of water, my thirst for the moment was fulfilled and I headed home for some breakfast and the company of the holidays.

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