Tuesday, December 6, 2011


On the second day, we met up with some new acquaintances. They were some of my brothers friends from Lancaster and it was their first foray on this section of the Great Lakes tributaries. I partnered up with Tom, whom I fished with before, and took him to a seam that I knew held fish. The bank was pretty tight so we decided to rotate the water, fish for fish. Something you don't see that often on the tribs. Any form of etiquette is rarely seen. I wish I could say that for the first few hours that morning, I matched Tom fish for fish. But he outscored me 5-3. However, numbers do not matter. It was a great few hours of action. It was great to not only share in the water, but to also share in his first tributary brown trout and largest steelhead he has ever caught. As I landed the fish, I could see his knees shaking and I could hear a giddiness in his voice.

That's what counts. 

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