Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Like Old Times

The sun is high, the wind strong, and the air cool and crisp. I am concentrating intently on the task at hand but the carp are way too smart and wary in the gin clear spring water to eat anything within the vicinity of my Diablo Chupacabra. A man drives by and rolls down his window to yell,

"The trout are at the mouth of the creek!"

He repeats it two more times, loudly. I gave him a subtle acknowledgement to thank him for his words of wisdom to help me in the pursuit of my quarry.

It has been four years since we found our carping grounds. In that time, the place has grown in popularity amongst both spin and fly anglers and is no longer a secret. It is quite well known and we are perfectly ok with that. Adam fishes there so frequently the locals know him by name. No longer do people ponder the guy with a rod and a ghillie suit prowling the banks. Even so, some people still stop to watch or wonder in amazement when the first golden ghost breaches the surface of the water. I don't fish there as much as I once did, but I probably should. The fish have grown along with our carping abilities. Fish that once averaged 6-8 pounds are now 14-16 pounders and some fish are in the twenties. I may have to join Adam in his element more often.


Gregg said...

That is so neat, and familiar. First, nice fish and as always great photos. I to have a local pond that once was a private playground for myself, my boys, and their friends. The kids, grown but kids, fish it almost daily, or did. We had people see us with fish too often, and it is no secret. A disc golf course was extended in this park for many more people as well. The other fishers are largely immigrants who see the carp as protein and keep every fish. I don't blame them but worry about the mono left behind and pine for the old days. What is that fly by the way?


T.J. Brayshaw said...

Is that a small pram? Any other posts with pictures of the pram? I'm a big fan of little fly fishing prams.

The frilly camo pants are interesting. The only thing that was clean, or part of the carping strategy?

Mark Kautz said...

Nice, very nice.


Mark said...

the fly is an otter soft egg cluster...not really a fly if your a purist but effective nonetheless

it is a SUP Yak, cross between a kayak and a stand up paddleboard...it is a Diablo Chupacabra

Gregg said...


I think I've said it before, an egg tie has become over the last few years my go to. Mine are spun and packed yarns that do a # on my wrist tendons. The Otter Soft Eggs have had me thinking for quite some time.

Thanks, Gregg