Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break Fishing

Spring Break has ended in the Caribbean.  We crammed 5 extra people into our humble apartment for a week's worth of adventure.  Looking back, I realize that a good percentage of that time was spent fishing.  As it should be.

Below is a brief sampler of what was landed.  We managed some interesting diversity.  Stories will follow over the coming days.  Enjoy.

Tom said he wanted to catch a jack, or something.  His wish was granted on the first night.

Later in the week, we managed to get the now-traditional photo of Tom wrestling with a tarpon we landed a bit too green.  

The halo of light thrown by the lone streetlight is a beacon for sea life. 

 Easter Dinner!

 Patent-pending coral and rock beer cooler.  

 Tom said he wanted to see, cast to and catch a bonefish on his own.  His 2nd wish was granted on our last day.

 Justin surveying the scene.

 Brian landed a beast jack that almost spooled him.  

 Justin landed a massive tarpon on his first night here.  It was a hell of a way to start the trip.

 Matt hooked the demon fish while live-baiting for tarpon.  We didn't know what it was until just before landing it.

 A smallish bonefish of mine.

Keeping the lookout.


Jorge said...

coronita coronita ;-)

Nice captures!

Regards from Spain,

OutsmartingFish said...

Looks like a freaking blast!