Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The amount of biomass migrating into the Chesapeake Bay and into every reachable tributary of the watershed cannot be truly fathomed by fishermen. Beyond the large stripers are many species of shad and the all important river herring. These anadromous species combine with local species and even the catadromous American eel to create one of the most bio-diverse fisheries in the US. It all comes together in the upper reaches of the Bay in the Susquehanna River. Here, anglers from all over the U.S. travel to catch Hickory and American Shad en masse…

If you time everything right, you can catch fish on almost every single cast, some even two at a time. My favorite method to catch shad is with a two-handed spey or switch rod. I'll employ the proper sink tip for the current flow and water depth, tie on two bright flies, and then precede to find the fish. The Springtime, during the shad run, is the perfect time to break the winter rust off the two handed game and practice your casting. More importantly, it will help out your swing and ability to detect minuscule takes in the creeks and rivers. It is awesome to anticipate and nail fish on swing after swing after swing. The icing on the cake is the acrobatic leaps and fighting ability of a fish that was in the ocean not too long ago.

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