Friday, May 9, 2014

Striped Bass With Tidewater Charters

Spring brings the world's largest striped bass into the Chesapeake Bay as they follow a smorgasbord of bait and other anadromous species on their annual migration on the East Coast. Although not too far away, I never got around to targeting stripers on fly or gear, but for only a few hours this year I was able to get out with Tyler Nonn of Tidewater Charters to do what he does best, catch monsters…

I normally never fish with gear, so it was a little odd for me at first to chuck a huge plug or watch a few rods trolling behind the boat as we crisscrossed are way throughout the upper bay. But as soon as the first lure was smashed and I boated my first ever striper, a 28 lb. pre-spawn female, I forgot all about the 10 wt. fly rod I brought along. When the fish kept coming and we kept rotating turns, sharing stories, and downing a few beers, I realized that I had been missing out on an amazing resource in the Mid-Atlantic region that I won't continue to ignore.

Of course, it helped that I was being guided by one of the bay's premier captains and fisherman, Tyler Nonn. Tyler's is bay bred and has fished for stripers all across the bay for nearly twenty years. In the Spring, he'll target rockfish in the upper bay and in the winter targets them throughout the mid and lower bay. His versatility and knowledge are second to none and he knows how to not only find fish but the best way to put them in the boat. The best part about fishing with Tyler is that he is an all around great guy that will keep you entertained and laughing your ass off between fish. He guides for a living not only in the Bay but in Alaska, the Florida Keys, and throughout the East Coast. Tidewater Charters is your choice to catch a striper in the Chesapeake Bay.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking as these represent a sampling of only a few hours on Tyler's boat this Spring from an early morning and late evening trip. If you want to catch a big striper, book a shad or multi species trip, give Tyler and Tidewater a call.

Capt. Tyler Nonn

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