Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Not Always About The Fish.

It's not always about the fish, it's about the total experience of the journey. The company you keep, the experiences you have, the environment you fish in, and oh yea, the fish you catch all contribute to the cornucopia of feelings you have on fishing trips. For me, its an escape to another dimension where I am free from the rigors of daily life. It's just me, some friends, the weather, terrain, and the fish that call it home. For a few days I am able to forget about all the schoolwork I have due the day I get back, and just sit back and enjoy the moment. These are the days to cherish and remember forever, because they do not last. They exist only in memory to be recalled later on down the road. They take you back to specific moments frozen in time and space. These moments are what keep me going until the next time I get to escape reality and wet a line.

The Company You Keep.

Some Twenty Mile Panoramic Action.
(Pops Looks Like Frankenstein)

The Weather Was Perfect.

Rain, Sleet, and Snow.

Fighting Some Steel.

Twenty Mile.

Guiding the Pops.

Big Poppa Pump Hooks Up.

Some More Twenty Mile Action.

Hotel Room.

Tying Session.

Legion Hole Steel.

Hooking Up.

Nice Bend in the 8wt.

Nicest Fish of the Trip.

Elk Steel.

Fighting Steel @ Sunset, Elk Creek.

Nice Hen.

Legion Hole Panorama.

Under the Railroad Tressle, Elk Creek.

Best Picture of the Trip.

Nice Buck.

Adam Rocking Some Nice Elk Steel.

Walrus Sighting.


Elk Creek Landing Hand.

Sequence of the Trip.

And That's What It's All About.

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Wade Rivers said...

Very cool series of pix, indeed. You snagged some quality light here, dude. And the compositions are very nice too. Can't wait to see what you come up with during prime hatch time next spring. In the meantime, keep up the nice work and try and stay warm.

I'm looking forward to your future posts so much that I'm adding your blog to the top of my ever expanding favorites menu. Pretty soon I'm gonna need a new "favorites" just for my old "favorites" :^)