Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Groundhog vs. Goose

For those of you whoever wandered why the Discovery Channel never aired Groundhog vs. Goose, this is for you. Searching for golden bones water often proves to be futile, especially where I live. More often than not you find other things to take up your interest like this groundhog, whose only option while scaling a slate cliff is to run by mother goose.

The Approach.

She Is Not Thrilled.

Groundhog Stands No Chance.

Mr. Groundhog resorted to climbing a nearby tree, something I never knew they could do.

Geese scare the shit out of me while I am fly fishing atleast three times a year. They are perfectly camouflaged on their nests alongside trails or streams and they always seem to freak out as your about to step on them. Often this is by complete surprise and the silence is broken by an annoying quack, and a pestering hiss. I sympathize with Mr. Groundhog.

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Unknown said...

Ah, on my first fly-fishing trip with you we had the geebus scared out of us by a goose. It spread its wings and hissed, you stared, I cowered behind you, and after a second or two of pure terror coming from those goose eyes, we disappeared like a fart in the wind.