Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Everybody Was Kung Fu Carping...

Those casts were fast as lightning, in fact it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with perfect timing...

In the battle against well-educated carp who have seen arsenals of flies, the angler must resort to a stealthy approach by land, sea, and air. Only then, can he even consider having a shot at the elusive golden ghost. Yes, some carp are relatively easy to catch (the uneducated) but I am talking about the ones that have been caught multiple times by a fly angler and who flee the scene after sensing your footsteps 50 yards away. The ones who seem to hear you whispering to your buddy through several feet of water and over the various sounds associated with and surrounding carp water. Yes, these fish are a true test of skill, and extremely difficult to coax into eating a fly. But once you do, and that fish takes off like a bat out hell straight into your backing, you will be reminded of why the difficulty level is so worth it. Simply put, carping rules.

Get Low.



Rip Lips.

Carp Face.

Propelling Away.

My Turn.

I Love Their Wings.

The Mini-Sub Departs.

Adam Quote: "Why would I go catch 10 inch trout when I can catch 10 lb. carp?"