Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking to the future

Scuba diving has opened up my eyes even more to a whole bunch of species that would be great fun on the fly rod. Jacks, snappers and groupers sporting double-digit weights swarm you at depth.

Horse-eye Jacks

50" barracuda

30lb snapper inside the wrecked hull

On the wreck of The Rhone yesterday, a monstrous permit cruised by in 80 ft of water. The fish was truck-tire sized, 8-10 inches across the forehead, and came within 20 ft. I know fish appear larger underwater, but correcting for this enlargement, I would guess the fish to be in the neighborhood of 50lbs.

I snapped a pic and spent the next few minutes imagining the day when I get a shot at one of these pigs on the flats. All it is is a matter of time before I surprise one right where I need it to be...

The only way to give this brute a sense of scale is to hoist her from the water...

One day she will be mine.


Adam said...

Less time scuba diving...more time scanning the flats. Haha, shes not going to knock on your front door...or wait...maybe she will considering your front yard is the freakin' ocean. I cant wait to get my ass down there man. Jeeze....I cant even begin imagine.

Matt said...

she's come knocking twice so far. tailing right in the waves, i've spotted two permit from our porch, 50ft from where I was eating breakfast.
someday the stars will align and everything will come together.
mark will probably get three when he's here in two weeks.

Adam said...

Three in two weeks? Ha. The way hes been fishing lately three per day isn't out of the question, Haha.