Monday, January 18, 2010

The Magic Hat

For Christmas my friend Nate received his first pair of chest waders, we decided to head to the Little Schuykill to break them in. The last time Nate and I fished the Little Schuykill was during the one fly contest held last year…where Nate failed to catch a single fish leaving me to carry the team, haha.

We began by trudging up river to my favorite haunt. I set Nate up with the exact pattern I gave him to use in the one-fly. Not long after he bellowed “There He Is!”…I wonder who he gets that from..haha. Nate soon landed two more fish following a quick and splashy rise to his hot pink indicator. He then retired to let me have a go at the honey hole where I produced the smallest trout of the day.

"There He Is!"

White Tipped and Gorgeous...

Nice Flaps

Pretty Sun-Kissed Bow

Loads of Spots Too...

Nate Left Me The Little Guy...

We then moved down river to the infamous…“Bend Hole” (where Mark and Matt clinched their one-fly gold medals). Fishing along the way, Nate managed three more trout all within two minutes of fishing a riffle. In between taking photos of Nate landing fish, I took the only brown of the day.

Second Fish In Three Drifts

Real Classy...


Lone Brown

A Dorsal View

Upon arriving at the bend I produced three rainbows and a notorious Little Schuykill fallfish. We soon called it a day each of us landing six trout a piece. On our walk back to the car we reminisced about the one fly contest and how I placed third with no help from my partner…we could only come up with one reason…It’s just got to be that hat…no question about it, haha.


Matt said...

i'm glad nate's magic hat wasn't delivered until recently.

Wade Rivers said...

I love the hat, man (seriously)!

nnagle said...

Everyone should love that hat!