Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seeing is Believing.

A few weeks ago, Adam and I were out carping on the weekend avoiding the bustling crowds of trout season. Needless to say, we still ran into other fishermen no matter where we went. This particular day was a little colder than usual and despite our early morning emergence, the wind was ripping. After a few fish came to hand, I wanted one more before heading back to Delaware and another work week. The carp was out far enough to escape the glare and was in shallow enough water to easily be seen with a watchful eye. He was cruising pretty fast. I jogged up the path and into position before laying out a descent cast ten feet in front of the advancing golden bone. He came within range of my descending damsel and I gave it one little twitch as he neared. As the damsel came to a rest on the muddy bottom, the carp came over and his lips slowly protruded downward sucking in the morsel. I promptly set the hook triggering chaos.

In the commotion, a wandering spin fishermen came over to inspect the fish doubling my rod in half. He asked me what I had, and I told him a carp. He asked, "Did you snag it?" To which I replied, "I don't think so." He scoffed at me and shook his head before heading down the path. As I brought the carp in, he came back over to see for himself, fully convinced that he was going to see a hook outside of the fish's mouth. He was disappointed and also shocked. This time he was shaking his head in amazement. "Carp on the fly rod huh? I would have had to see it to believe it." He then preceded to tell us about how he only fishes with a fly rod for King Salmon up on the Salmon River. We talked briefly about the fishery that is the Salmon River before going our separate ways. Two schools divided. Young and old. Fly and spin.

First Fish, Moments After Rigging Up.

Premature Release.

Skimming Under The Surface.
Peeling Off Line.

Death Rolls.


No Escape.

The Scoop.


Carp Portrait.

Releasing Then Disappearing.


Carp Addiction.

Discussing Carp on the Fly With Our Guest.

Self Release.

The Fish in the Middle.

Two Schools of Thought.

Heading Our Separate Ways.


Anonymous said...

good stuff erdo

Unknown said...

Great blog! love the pics.

Bigerrfish said...

Nice fish! I dig the pic of you and dude going your separate ways..