Friday, June 25, 2010


10wt. False Albacore. Kayak.
I played a False Albacore a bit too enthusiastically last weekend and was left with a 10wt that snapped 8 inches above the cork.
If you apply pressure to a false albacore, it will immediately pull in the opposite direction. I applied a bit too much pressure. When the albie moved away, like they do, the 10wt exploded. As the pressure gave way, I sprawled backwards and came close to capsizing the kayak.
I am now down to one remaining fly rod, an 8wt Orvis. I’ve broken three in 10 months but only one of them was actually on a fish. Ceiling fans took the rest. Thank goodness for warranties that don’t rule out idiot behavior.
Throughout the past 10 months I have been the vicarious fisherman for my brother Mark, and Adam, the two other contributors to this site. I am sure it has been almost as frustrating for them as it has been for me to suffer through months of relatively little action. I’ve eventually landed tarpon, bonefish, mackerel, false albacore, barracuda, snappers and a bunch of other species, but it was mostly due to the advice and admonitions of my brother and Adam. Many were the evening when I skyped them with my head hung in shame and had to report that yes, I’d seen a bunch of big fish and yes, I might have even hooked up with one or two, but no, I didn’t land any and no, I didn’t get any sweet photos and yes, I tried the fly you suggested with the leader recipe you e-mailed me and yes, I set the hook properly and yes, I'm going back tomorrow.
I have been very anxious to see how the two of them, given a few weeks, would perform in this environment. Where as I am usually a bumbling and crude fool, they are gifted on the water and at the vice. The suggestions that have been poured upon me have served to improve my game 10 fold and, due to me thinking about what they would be doing if they had the opportunity that I have to live and work here, I’ve fished at the very least, twice a week since I’ve been here.
They’ve been as pumped as me when I’ve landed some nice fish and have shared in the heartbreak of break-offs and blown casts. But all of this vicariousness is about to change.
In August, we will be flying here for a reunion of the first order: 20 days of pure, unadulterated fly fishing in saltwater. This trip is going to be the stuff of legend.

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