Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Licenses.

Across the world, fly fishermen are ringing in the new year by dropping some hard earned cash. Our money is not spent on a new fly rod with the latest nano-resins or a spiffy new reel with a completely sealed carbon fiber drag but on something else entirely. We will be dropping some dough in order to have the right to fish and also to support our fish and game departments. Some of us will be buying a singular license for our respective home states, while others will need more to satiate their hunger for open water and fish. In my case, living in the mid-atlantic region, I will be forking over a few hundred dollars on a fresh round of licenses from several states. Throughout the year, I am sure my list and expenses will grow as I seek new water in new states. Licenses are a necessary evil that I have no problem buying despite the dent it puts in my pocket. Here is to a new year, new water, and new fish.

Happy new year everyone!


Dub The Thorax said...

Great first post for the new year :)

I purchased my PA license online at 12:45am this morning. I always get them online so I can save the PDF and print out a new one if needed.

Mark said...

thats a great idea, i have lost more than one in the past

nice blog

Rick @ Kayak Fishing said...

Happy New Year and Always Tight Lines!

It's always quite a bit of money less in the pocket buying two fishing licenses, one for me and one for my wife but it for sure won't make us giving up on fishing. The price for the license has increased steadily for the past few years from year to year here in TX. Since we are living close to the coast but also close to some nice freshwater lakes, we always need to buy the big package for salt and fresh water fishing incl. the red drum stamp. It was $48 for last year and I expect it will be at least $50 a license this year.

Mark said...


Yea, I hear ya on the license fees.

For example, I no longer live in PA so the license costs me 68 dollars. Mainly because I have to pay additional for trout and erie permits.

Likewise in MD for fresh and salt.

Out of state licenses are expensive.

If you had to choose one fishing kayak, which one would you choose?

I have been looking at getting a stand up kayak (Native or Diablo) to fish the ponds and lakes of Delaware because wading is almost impossible.