Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old School

Four years ago, Adam and I still fished for trout, almost exclusively. We still wore vests and bandanas and threw terms around like "trout bum" and "hardcore". We even wore waders in late spring/early summer.

Times have changed.

This morning we are embarking on our annual trip we like to call "A Taste of the Dream," simply because we get to escape for an extended time and just fish. The trip, along with our habits, has changed dramatically over the years. We have gone from a minivan and two weeks on the road to a boat/beach and the most sought after gamefish in the world. However, the core principle hasn't changed.

In honor of this years trip, and at the request of one our most loyal followers (WADE), here is our second ever journey.

The video is of poor quality, highly repetitive, full of copyrighted music, and hot spotting but it is good for a laugh or two.

I distinctly remember on day 10, we had just driven several hours to our latest stop and it was around 2 in the morning. The skies opened up their clouds and it was pouring rain. We hadn't showered in those ten days and we reeked of every foulness you can imagine. I needed a shower. I got out of the car in a parking lot somewhere in the Penn State area, stripped down to my underwear, grabbed some shampoo, and took a shower right there in the rain.

Good times.

So heres to extended trips, all the good times that can be had, all the great fish hooked, landed, or lost, and the core principle behind it all: feeding the need to fish and be in the moment as long as possible.


e.m.b. said...

"to be in the moment as long as possible" -- here's to good times....sweet post...cheers!

Wade Rivers said...

Thanks for posting that, Mark. Some things just never get old.

Good times? You betcha.

Bigerrfish said...

That was cool... always got a bang out of how close you guys are and how hard you go for em!!!!